Clay Fitness Jumpstart Programs are designed to allow people who work out individually to ensure that they are staying on target and have some semblance of accountability and follow-up. The Jumpstart Program allows people to learn more about the science behind heart rate training and discover a way to train individually in a way that allows for big improvements in cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Jumpstart clients begin with a one-on-one assessment with a Clay trainer discuss goals for fitness and weight management before beginning the program. During this time weight and body composition is measured using a scale and calipers, followed by a cardiovascular and muscular assessments test to discover personal max heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, recovery rates and strength. Within a couple of days of the initial appointment the trainer provides you with a week of homework based on your test, specific with what you have access to and your personal goals, schedule and limitations. Ultimately, your homework will change every 6 weeks so that we ensure that your body continues to adapt to new levels of work.

If you are interested in taking part in the Jumpstart Program contact Amy via e-mail at to set up your assessment. For more information on other programs at Clay, go to our Personal Training page.


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